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Press Conference
Time & Date: 3pm ET, Tuesday - December 19, 2017
Location: New York
Venue: The William Vale
In Attendance: Mr Greeney,HcW Officials and Journalists

(The room appears to be in darkness with around 30 journalists in attendance. They know they are here for a HcW press conference but no one knows what to expect)

The lights dim

(HcW appears on a large screen with former wrestlers and legends of the company shown)

|||H c W|||

The lights come back on with a pyro technic going off

(Mr Greeney emerges on to the stage where he is stood at a podium)

Mr Greeney: Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the return of HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING!!!!!!

(The journalists appear to be fist pumping and chanting HcW!! HcW!! .. Huge news!)

Mr Greeney: Today I outline a vision to be once again the global leader in professional wrestling! Today I announce the rebirth of HcW. This has been a long time in coming and a lot of people have speculated about this very moment! Today it is real, today we are back!!

(There appears to be a lot of flickering as camera's are capturing this moment)

Mr Greeney: HcW has left many a memory and left many people satisfied with how wrestling can be performed. We feel that now is the time to return and RETURN TO OUR ROOTS! Hardcore Championship Wrestling has agreed a TV network deal and that will air our flagship Monday night product... Monday Night Hell!! We will air a two hour time slot in a multi million deal. With a 3 hour PPV once a month.

Mr Greeney: This deal will bring HcW into millions of homes in the US,UK and 20 other countries on our very debut. More will become known on how and where to tune in.

Mr Greeney: The roster we have assembled so far is shaping up to be one of the best rosters I have known in the business, with the return of former World Champions Taurus and Tyke Index. The return of one time Intercontinental champion Lance Mikes. Mohammed Rushdi,Xavier Serikaz, Gabriel Ohio, The Moxley brothers Seth and Dean. We are also close to completing 2 more deals and working on others by the hour!

Mr Greeney: Today is all about giving the taste of HcW to each and every one of you. We will entertain. We will push the boundries. There will be no limits to the action,stunts and storylines. We will entertain by any means necessary. This is the new era! But old school values WILL NOT BE LOST!

Mr Greeney: Championships will be announced on the first Monday Night Hell which will air at the start of January 2018. I can confirm no more on that right now until the roster has been assembled.

Mr Greeney: I will now take some questions... Yes you over there...

Journalist: Mr Greeney: What made you bring back HcW?

Mr Greeney: Looking at the state of wrestling there is a corner to be turned and I feel we can be the company to take that turn and make this business great value to watch once more. I feel we can entertain like we did previous. We will deliver! Next...

Journalist: Who is in staff and who is gm?

Mr Greeney: Ha, today I certainly can not mention anything regarding a GM. But there will be one! Richard Basset will be the ring announcer,Linda Chadwick will be our main backstage interviewer and we have the return of the best commentary in the business.. Al Locker and the ever funny Alan Carcia. The value in our commentary and the care they take to entertain is one of the reasons HcW was successful previously.

Journalist: You mention more signings to come. Can you name any at all?

Mr Greeney: I can announce that Steve Hardy is currently in talks with officials and we are close on two others. Any more than that I can not confirm right now as they are at early stages. Some are under contract elsewhere and fees have to be agreed to pay them out of there current deal. Its never straight forward. One more question. I have business to attend to!

Journalist: Can we assume that HcW will not be PG?

Mr Greeney: Absolutely NOT! HcW has never been and never will be PG. We are aiming at a mature fan base, always have and always will. Right, thats all I have time for today!!

(Mr Greeney starts to walk away from the press conference)

Journalists: Mr Greeney, what about The Highlander, Kyle Cross, Jim Helsley..

(Thats the press conference wrapped up for today folks. Keep visiting and the forums for further information)



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